Fish-D-Funk Odor Removal Wipes remove fish stink from your hands and leave your hands smelling fine, not fishy!

Fish-D-Funk's exclusive Double Down technology works two ways: It neutralizes and it counteracts odors at the molecular level! No other wipes can do that!

Also available in individual packets!

30 soft, durable wipes | Handy dispenser goes with you | Made in the USA

You smell like fish!

How many times have you heard that? As a fisherman, you may get used to the smell, but who wants that fishy smell when you break for lunch or, worse yet, when you get home to the family? Fish-D-Funk Fish Odor Removal Wipes make it easy to get rid of the stink!


Wipe hands after handling fish

What do you do after catching a fish? Wipe your hands on your pants? A Fish-D-Funk wipe will remove the odor (and slime) and save you from wearing the stink the rest of the day.


Use before lunch

So you’ve caught a bunch of fish and it's time for lunch. Your sandwich just doesn't taste the same when all you smell is fish slime. Fish-D-Funk Wipes completely remove the fish smell.


Clean hands after cleaning fish

What about after cleaning your catch? Your hands smell nasty! Ordinary soap doesn't work, but Fish-D-Funk will. No need to smell like fish any longer. Get Fish-D-Funk Odor Removal Wipes.