Fishermen who keep their hands clean catch more fish. And nothing keeps your hands cleaner than Fish-D-Funk Fish Catching Wipes! Fish-D-Funk’s exclusive Double DownTM technology works two ways: It neutralizes and it counteracts odors at the molecular level! No other wipes can do this!

Scientist believe that fish can smell one part per million. So, if your lure or bait smells like the gas tank, your sandwich or even you, fish may not bite. Fish-D-Funk removes these odors, which allows you to catch more fish!

30 soft, durable wipes | Handy dispenser goes with you | Made in the USA

Fish Smell You!

If you use sunscreen or insect repellent, eat while fishing, operate a motor, or smell like a human which you do, fish will smell you. Fish-D-Funk Fish Catching Wipes remove/neutralize these odors, so they, enhance your chances of catching more fish!


Removes/Neutralizes human scent

Fish reportedly can smell one part per million in water. That means they can smell you on your bait or lure. Remove/Neutralize this human scent with Fish-D-Funk Wipes!


Removes foreign substances

Sunscreen, insect repellent, sandwiches, flavored chips, soft drinks, beer, hand sanitizer, gasoline. None of these smells help you catch fish. Getting rid of them with Fish-D-Funk will!


Bait Friendly

Fish-D-Funk has been tested on some of the most fragile bait fish. Fish-D-Funk will not kill or harm the bait!